About Us

About Rustic Me

Welcome to the world of Rustic Me and discover a legacy built on tradition and fine craftsmanship for over 45 years, producing the very finest in leather goods, employing time honoured skills and traditions.

Rustic Me as a brand was born in Australia for creating handmade bags and accessories from quality leather. Paying homage to the Australian lifestyle and love of Leather which is recognised in its minimalistic styling and natural tan.

Rustic Me products are designed using our knowledge in leather and extensive research, digging deep into our catalogue of over 4000 designs.

OUR END GOAL WAS, to create a unique product range for our Australian Customers that promises uncompromising quality, natural tan and trendy colours with modern silhouette.

As a manufacturer of our own brand we stand by for our promise of uncompromising quality and craftsmanship bringing the very best in handbags and leather accessories.

The collection is for all seasons and occasions and carry a message of style and substance while keeping the quality intact.

Each product is designed to passionately pronounce YOU!…


Founded in 1970’s, the heritage spans five decades of crafting exquisite goods.
Our journey began with handful of workers to produce hand made saddles. The philosophy was to make exceptional product crafted in the very best way using the finest leathers.

In early 1980’s, we began to supply saddles to UK and Europe and in few years time were the leading exporters of saddlery from India.

For the past two decades we have manufactured over 4000 designs of different handmade bags for various international brands with uncompromising quality and modern style and are a company trusted by customers in UK, Europe and USA

Based on our extensive knowledge in the industry and years of relationship with tanneries we are able to source finest quality of leather locally and internationally and converting them into finished products.

Currently we have more than 200 artisans and the factory has a total area of 12,500 square meter, providing a spacious, light and welcoming environment. Our production capacity is up to 25,000 pcs each month in Handbags and other accessories.

Over the years we have gained an excellent reputation as a manufacturer and launched few of our own labels ( brands ).

The men’s range of products is successfully running under the brand name SALAMANCA.


Cutting, sewing, crafting and infinite expertise by the craftsman that goes into the making of a single Rustic Me product, gives an indication of the outstanding skill and dedication of each and every worker.

Working Environment for Staff

The welfare of our workers has always been a key objective. We believe that staff have the right to be treated with the utmost respect and that their working environment should be a prosperous and a positive experience.
There are bonuses and rewards throughout the year to motivate them and keep them one as a team.

We are passionate about training and employing staff across all spectrums of the community and promote equality and diversity.

It is with pride and acknowledgement that we have employed many craftspeople for decades, nurturing and encourage the very young and those that wish retrain in later life.

Each and every employee is integral to the success of the business and its continued pursuit of the highest standards.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

All leathers are sourced with due diligence using Indian and European calf skins and are governed by Indian, EU and US legislation. Exotics are sourced from reputable tanneries whose import of skins from protected species are strictly governed by agencies.

We meet all international standards to manufacture and supply products in international Markets. (ISO 9001 and Sedex Mebers Ehtical standards)